dare to listen.
A courageous group of local citizens united around the collective mission of active listening.
Take action.
To listen is risky.
To not listen is riskier.

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About the Campaign

Texas Public Radio wants you to take our dare to listen to new content, sources, and opinions. Be daring.

Have we become afraid to listen?

We don’t have to agree on everything. Diversity of opinion is a cornerstone of our democracy. Reasonable minds can differ. But we must be willing to truly listen to one another.

Let’s challenge each other to dare to listen.

What Our Listeners are Saying

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We All Feel It

An Open Letter

We all feel it.

This time of collective frustration. This impasse of angry proportion. We are all living it. And we are all diminished by it.

This is not who we are. We are a nation founded upon the very idea of tolerance.
How did we get here? Somewhere along the way we let go of each other's hands. We stopped creating connections and started severing ties. Today we are a nation with our hands over our ears.

Have we become afraid to listen?
To listen is risky. Because when we truly listen, we might just change our minds. To listen is risky. But to not listen is riskier.

We believe it's time to consider, think, explore, and question. To appreciate our differences and find our commonalities. To reach across the fence, build the bridge, open our minds. To talk. And most of all, listen.

We are Listening

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